GOLDEN FLIGHTS is a global aircraft provider, specialised in the management of charter flights worldwide. As a brokerage, we offer private jet and commercial aircrafts for those clients who wish to arrange flights on demand as an alternative and not depend on scheduled flights, avoid stopovers and travel at preferred times.

We supply market leading solutions across air charter, advising our clients on the choice of aircraft and airlines who will provide the transport, contracting the service and giving assistance throughout the process (request, pre-flight and flight operation).

Executive Team

Mara Segura

Mara Segura – Commercial Manager

Mara has been long career in aviation, meeting and exceeding the requirements of charter group and privat jets. With more than 20 years in this sector, she brings a customer-focused approach and an extensive knowledge of air charter broking and of the aviation industry.;

Alberto Rodriguez

General Manager

Alberto’s career in aviation spans more than two decades. He has held operating and board positions within the travel and international air charter.

A strong track record of delivering profitable growth made him the ideal candidate to lead Golden Flights and oversee the company’s continued expansion.

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c/ Miquel Llado 7, edificio D, 2º – 1era -07013 Palma de Mallorca

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+ 34 635 30 20 58
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